That long weird word is two words,faith and hope both in French..I am not saying they have a direct relationship with what I will be writing but they may be of help.So my friend, Otadoh just texted me and gave me the ‘oh my I’m so happy’ speech and ‘make sure you write about your self so that people get to know you,what to expect ‘,Just as the name of the blog ,through out this blog, no matter how long I take to write,depending on how my writer’s block behaves, or how good as compared to other’s blogs it is..only the little steps of faith and the hope that we both hold, will keep this blog running.. Too much repetition of the word blog,so we will call it ‘Fede’ which was the first thing I thought about when I was opening the blog..anyway I feel like we will change it along the way. We are going to be writing together, because you are going to give me ideas and only through your support is how I am going to continue to write.I did not open a blog before because I was still debating on whether or not to open it,I wasn’t sure I could be as good as others, I know I know,cliché but since we are here? I am an indecisive human being.You will learn more about me as we go through this journey.Don’t forget to pack your sarcasm sensers ,welcome aboard,I will be your pilot here in Fede Esperer.I hope you have a safe flight, oh and this flight has only one stop over,our final destination.. Have fun.sorry I wanted the dramatic ending but aki poleni I forgot to say that some times it will be my friends writing..

This is the post excerpt.

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“Like caged animals we move but inside the cage”, Tumbo. Just for the record, that was one of my best statements  in the book Betrayal in the city. Have you ever come across a picture or a song that explained your whole life? Yepp,that statement explains so many lives.. And there are times when the air is so thin that you want to scoop it with your hand and feed on it and every time you close your eyes you feel like you’re drowning in an ocean and you fight gravity but it seems like there’s a heavier force pushing you away from the surface,every time you catch a bit of sleep, it’s as if you’re taking so much water and your ribcage cannot take anymore breathing and you don’t think you can continue to clutch at the straw..

My best friend told me that she can only teach me how to swim through it but she can’t save me from drowning.Yes, I know,a contradiction of thoughts let me explain the science behind this. Someone,anyone close to you will hold you through your tears and the shaking and they will hold your hand,inevitably through everything but your actions(whatever you do will affect you alone)for instance, if you decide to get drunk and take drugs or cut your wrist or worse, slit your throat it will affect you,so the person who is close to you will not drown and  they won’t be able to save you from your actions.. I cannot be able to decipher this to you,any further, you just gotta get it.

Everyday I notice the pain people are going through and they hide behind charades of happiness. And there’s once I saw someone put a caption on one of their photos and it read “may you find the happiness you’ve been faking about”. There’s so much truth yet harshness in that statement. I mean you should let yourself be,🎶baby let your hair down,let the *wind* run it’s current through🎶😂I know it doesn’t make sense,not everything is supposed to.So stop,please stop making yourself a slave of the past.

Like caged animals,..people act like they’re free but when you look through their eyes you see that they have been chained by their pain,they make themselves their biggest monsters,they haunt their minds every night.Do I sound like some shrink? I feel like I sound like a shrink. We are flying above ..what do pilots say?yeah whatever they say..

I want you to breathe,to allow yourself to feel the air run through your ribs,to be free from the burdens of whatever your burden is..yes,even on the days when you don’t feel like getting up and your body suddenly becomes such a load.I know there’s so much poison in the air but find your space,and just breath.It is painful,and it is tiring but all I want you to do darling is to lay your head down tonight and breathe,start with small breathes, breathe in and out,just relax,allow the air to course through your veins.

I used the semicolon and then the word because,when you’re reading,the semicolon is supposed to be a place of rest before one continues to read but I just don’t want you to take a rest,I want you to remember to cut yourself some slack and breathe.

Oh and the pilot analogy stops here😂😂😂